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Audioplay with incidental music by Ray Carter

Paul Tripp (as Mr. I. Magination) & Donny Harris

Columbia Record MJV-146


Illustration: Velde

INFO Mr. I. Magination
Mr. I. Magination was one of the earliest television shows for children. It ran live as a half-hour weekly show on CBS from 1949 to 1952. Info about Mr.I.Magination can be found in"Children's Television: The First Thirty Five Years:Live, Filmed And Taped"by George Woolery;Scarecrow Press,Inc.)

The host, Mr. I. Magination (Paul Tripp), gathered a group of children each week. The same child actors appeared on a rotating basis. Two would be selected to ask about a career, occupation, activity, etc. Tripp would then play a "magic" slide flute, he and the children would board a train, and travel to Imagination Land, where they would meet a professional from each of the two areas for that week's show. Guests were as diverse as Damu, a lion tamer from Ringling Brothers Circus, and test pilot Scott Crossfield. The show was also a pioneer in using simple, early special effects, such as making it appear as if the opening train ride went through a tunnel to enter Imagination Land.

Mr. I. Magination was also featured on several RCA Records & Columbia Records for children, including "Billy On A Bike" and "Mr. I. Magination Meets Rip Van Winkle," an LP of which there are at least two versions

Source: Wikipedia