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INFO Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers
Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers was a 30-minute, weekly CBS-TV network outer space adventure series, broadcast live Saturdays from April 18, 1953 to May 29, 1954. Set in 2153 and all-too-obviously inspired by Tom Corbett, Space Cadet (1950 - 1955), the series depicted the adventures of fearless Rocket Rangers, who operated from Omega Base, piloting their nuclear-powered space ship Beta throughout the solar system, to battle crime and the weird menace of extraterrestrial life-forms. The three Rangers were curly-haired Rod Brown (Cliff Robertson), prickly Frank Boyd (Bruce Hall) and obese Wilber Wormser (Jack Weston). Their immediate superior was Commander Swift (John Boruff). Director George Gould had also been the director of ABC's Tom Corbett from 1950 to 1952, and he carried with him to CBS several of the writers for that pioneering series, plus its basic concepts, plus the major special effect, an amplifier producing travelling mattes. The very close similarity between Rod Brown and Tom Corbett generated at least one lawsuit, which seems to have resulted in the Rod Brown kinescopes never being rebroadcast.

Source: Wikipedia